Mary Jane Hann (my great grandmother)

(information from MyHeritage web site)
Birth: April 3rd 1853 - Nether Compton, Dorset
confirmed - 1861 census has her living at Nether Compton aged 8
Death: April 22nd 1930 - Radipole, Dorset
confirmed - see headstone (right)
Parents: Samuel Hann and Sarah Hann (born Adams)
confirmed - 1861 census lists her parents as Samuel Hann (aged 57 an Agricultural Labourer from Over Compton) and Sarah Hann (Wife aged 51 from Nether Compton)
Siblings: Edward, John, Ellen, Samuel, Robert, Charles, Benjamin and Sarah
Husband: Frederick Charles Ford Married in 1883 - Weymouth, Dorset

Harold Charles (married Emily), died 1972
Mabel Constance
Mildred Jane (witnessed Percy's wedding in 1914)
Ethel Ruby born early 1886 and died October 1886. Buried in St Ann's.
Percy George born 1892 (my grandfather)

Samuel Hann (her father)
Born in 1802 - Over Compton, Dorset, England
Died in 1864 - Compton, Dorset, England

Sarah Hann (her mother, born Adams)
Born in 1811 - Nether Compton, Dorset, England
Died in 1892 - Nether Compton, Dorset, England

Edward Hann (her brother), born 1832 Nether Compton, died 1914 Campbelltown, South Australia
John Hann (her brother), born 1834 Nether Compton
George Hann (her brother), born 1835 Nether Compton
Ellen Hann (her sister), born 1837 Over Compton
Samuel Hann (her brother), born 1841 Nether Compton, died 1867 Sherborne
Benjamin Hann (her brother), born 1843 Nether Compton
Robert Hann (her brother), born 1845 Nether Compton
Charles Hann (her brother), born 1848 Nether Compton
Benjamin Hann (her brother), born 1848 Nether Compton
Sarah Hann (her sister), born 1850 Nether Compton
William Hann (her half brother), born 1864 Nether Compton

Mary Ford (Mary Hann) in 1915

Headstone of Mary Ford (Mary Hann)
Headstone of Frederick Chsrles Ford
Mary's headstone at St Ann's (click for larger image)