Percy George Ford (my grandfather)

1892 born August 8th registered at Upway sub-district
1901 census, 8 years old, living at Manor Farm, Radipole
1911 census, 18 years old, living and working at Causeway Farm, his father Charles' farm at Radipole
1911 April 20th, enlisted with 15th Hussars Regiment
1911 May 10th, discharged as 'unfit for service'
1914 married Fanny Agnes Jaggard April 12th (died Weymouth 16/11/1931), daughter of Arthur Elijah Jaggard (died 1919), a Southern Railway guard (Knox Road and 94 Speke Road, Battersea, London) and Martha Maria Jaggard (nee Bennett),
1914 living at Radipole occupation engine driver(?)
1915 living at 121 Dorchester Road
1916 living at 1 Lodmoor Cottage, Melcombe Regis, occupation given as labourer at torpedo works
1921 living at 1 Lodmoor Cottage, Melcombe Regis, occupation given as engineers fitter and turner, out of work Witchester & Co
1931 living at 44 Granville Flats, Weymouth, occupation: general labourer
1933 married Edith Sarah Jaggard (Fanny's sister, born 2/3/1884) at Weymouth Register Office October 4th
1961 died Weymouth

his children:
Elsie Constance born April 24th 1915
Frederick George (my Father) born May 15th 1916, died January 6th 1995
Cecil Arthur born April 24th 1920, died January 6th 2000
Mabel Alice born May 6 1925, died 1944 (of TB?)
Percy Charles born October 16th 1926, died 2008 (in Canada where had lived since c1960)
Francis Mary (known as Mary) born April 15th 1929

Also 3 more children, John, Edith and Doris, all born and died between 1918 and 1925

Elsie Ford
This photo, labelled as Elsie, may well be Elsie Constance Ford, Percy and Fanny's first child. Elsie had a short life, but I have no record of her date of death.

Mabel Ford
Mabel Ford, about 1940

Photo: Chris Ford/Nature Portfolio
Frederick, Frances (Mary) and Cecil
Frederick, Mary and Cecil in 1985
Percy in 1915, stood next to his sister and behind his wife
Percy in 1915, stood next to his sister Mildred and behind his wife Fanny, who is holding their first child Elsie.

Fanny Jaggard
A young Frances (Fanny) in 1909, five years before her marriage to Percy.

Fanny Jaggard
This photo may have been taken at the same time as the one of her sister Edith (below), in which case Fanny would have been 21 here.

Edith Jaggard
Edith Jaggard, Fanny's older sister and Percy's second wife. This photo was labelled 1913, when Edith would have been 29.

Arthur and Eliza Jaggard, Parents of Fanny
Arthur and Eliza Jaggard, Parents of Fanny and Edith.